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Chelsea Walls

by Nicole Burdette

directed by Ed Sherin

A keyhole view of the extraordinary moments in 50 ordinary lives set in New York’s famous hotel.

June 1990

The Space,

114 West 17th Street, NYC

Producer: Merrill Holtzman

Set Design: George Xenos

Lighting Design: Steve Quant

Sound Design: David Ferdinand

With: Jon Robin Baitz, Patrick Breen, Catherine Lloyd Burns, Kevin Corrigan, William Duff-Griffin, Paul Eckstein, Richard Edson, Margaret Eginton, Aaron Forste, Gina Gershon, Brett Goldstein, Tim Guinee, Christina Haag, Julianne Hoffenberg, Merrill Holtzman, Gary McCleary, Trina McGee, Lisa Beth Miller, Geoffrey Nauffts, Pippin Parker, Timothy Britten Parker, Richard Joseph Paul, Barry Sherman, Billy Strong, Marisa Tomei, Melinda Wade, Jack Wallace, Gareth Williams, Jeff Williams

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