Michael & Arya
Michael & Arya

Tuesdays@9 NYC
Tuesdays@9 NYC

Tuesdays@9 NYC
Tuesdays@9 NYC

Michael & Arya
Michael & Arya




NYC  |  LA 

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Tuesdays@9 in NYC, LA, Miami and Chicago have resumed our weekly cold reading series virtually over Zoom during the COVID-19 pandemic. Reach out to your Tuesdays@9 creative directors or email us at info@nakedangels.com

for more information.

What is Tuesdays@9?

     Tuesdays@9 is New York City's longest-running cold reading series for your newest

     work-in-progress. Every week, we cast and present excerpts of new writing to an

     audience of fellow artists and supporters. Tuesdays@9 operates with an open            

     submissions policy throughout the year, and hosts an open casting session at the

     start of each week. Tuesdays@9 has always been—and always will be—free and

     open to all artists and audience members. 


Where & When does Tuesdays@9 meet?

     Catch Tuesdays@9 every Tuesday night from mid-September through mid-May. 


Doors open at 8:30pm for casting

Readings begin at 9:00pm


NYC: Theatre 80 @ 80 St. Mark's Place, New York, NY

LA: Thymele Arts @ 5481 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

  • Accessible via Metro:

    • Red Line Hollywood / Western stop OR Vermont / Santa Monica stop

  • Bus stops at the front door via 757, 147, 207, 704, 4

  • Sub-level parking garage located around the corner at 1110 N. Western (just north of Santa Monica) or in strip mall at 1075 N. Western (SW corner of Santa Monica and Western)

    • Free parking after 7pm.


Chicago: Chicago Dramatists, 773 N. Aberdeen , Chicago, IL 60642

Miami: The Speak Easy Theater 7450 Ocean Terrace, Miami Beach, FL




Print two hard copies of your ten-minute excerpt

     On the front page, write:  

Your name, email address, and phone number (no post-it notes; they fall off)

Date of submission


Attend T@9 with your hard copies in tow


Hand your pages to one of our Creative Directors at the end of T@9

NYC:  Barbara Matovu or Michael O'Day

LA: Allison Youngberg or Glenn Stanton

Chicago: Joshua Fardon or Patricia Mario

Miami: Diana Lote or Jeff Quintana


You will be contacted in advance if your excerpt is selected to be read






T@9 in NYC

T@9 in LA

T@9 in Chicago

T@9 in Miami

Notes to Writers:

  • We welcome all forms of writing at T@9:                                                                        prose, solo work, poetry, plays, screen plays, tv pilots, music, etc. 

  • Online submissions will not be accepted—you must hand in a hard copy



Arrive at Tuesdays@9 just before 8:30pm


At 8:30pm, tell a Creative Director that you’d like to be considered for casting

NYC:   Barbara Matovu or Michael O'Day

LA: Allison Youngberg or Glenn Stanton

Chicago: Joshua Fardon or Patricia Mario

Miami: Diana Lote or Jeff Quintana


Wait to see if you get selected

If not, enjoy the event and please let us know again the next time you attend!





Give song samples via CD or USB drive to

Renee-Michele Brunet at Tuesdays@9 NYC 

Keith Rollins, Jr (Reverend Doctor) at Tuesdays@9 LA

Connie Kuntz at Tuesdays@9 Chicago

Suki Lanh at Tuesdays@9 Miami


Email song files to info@nakedangels.com


**Musicians are the ONLY artists who may submit materials online**



Arrive at Tuesdays@9









How It Started

In 1991, company playwrights Frank Pugliese, Pippin Parker, and others watched the

Gulf War’s broadcast on television and felt compelled to write about it. Giving themselves a weekly deadline, they began meeting on a regular basis to share their experiences, and thus Tuesdays@9 was born. Twenty-seven years later, the program is still an arena for new works hot off the press.

Note to the Community:

  • Tuesdays@9 is an open, supportive, and communal environment. You may show up at any point during the season and be welcomed into the community. Attend a lot, attend a little—we’re always here.