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Fear: An Issues Project

February 13th- March 2nd, 2003

Greenwich Street Theater, NYC

Producer: Sherri Kotimsky

Light Design: Peter Hoerburger

Set Design: Asaki Oda

Costume Design: Brad Scoggins

Sound Design: A. Stanley Gurczak

Stage Manager: Peggy R. Samuels

Act 1

Thom Pain (based on nothing) by Will Eno

Directed by Hal Brooks

with James Urbaniak

Damaged Goods by David Marshall Grant

Directed by Geoffrey Nauffts

with: Peter Frechette, Amy Irving

Wednesday by Deirdre O’Connor

Directed by Frank Pugliese

with: Jen Albano, Kim Parker

Moving Shortly by Sheri Wilner

Directed by George Xenos

with: Kapil Bawa, Mary McCann, Tim Ransom

Act 2

Here Lies Author by Pippin Parker

Directed by Fisher Stevens

with: Dominic Chianese, Matthew Dawson

The Only Other Option by Patrick Breen

Directed by Lizzie Gottlieb

with: Timothy Britten Parker, Maria Tucci

The Makeup Counter At Saks by Jon Robin Baitz

Directed by Rob Morrow

with: Jon Robin Baitz, Mia Farrow, Matt Rashid, Greg Schmalbach

My Starship by Seth Zvi Rosenfeld

Directed by Anastasia Traina

with: Danny Javier, Rivera Shirley Rumierk

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