Shorts in the Dark

Ten Brief Scenes

June 23-29, 1990

The Space,

114 West 17th Street , NYC

Authors: Nicole Burdette, Doug Cordell, Kenneth Lonergan, Pippin Parker, Frank Pugliese, Melora Wolff, Andrew Yerkes

Directors: Jace Alexander, Jon Robin Baitz, Patrick Breen, Kenneth Lonergan, Pippin Parker, Frank Pugliese, Patrick McNellis, Christie Wagner

Producer: Julianne Hoffenberg

Lighting Designer: Chris Kondek

Stage Manager: Suzanne Dottino

With: Patrick Breen, Jill Choder, Tom Gibson, Brett Goldstein, Julianne Hoffenberg, Merrill Holtzman, Ilana Levine, Jean Marie McKee, Gary McCleery, Lisa Beth Miller, Geoffrey Nauffts, Timothy Britten Parker, Gareth Williams, Annabella Sciorra, Barry Sherman, Melinda Wade, Jeff Williams

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