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The Big Swing: A Performance Benefit

A 40s Swing Club Comes to Life (a benefit for Naked Angels)

February 24th, 1992

Laura Belle,

120 West 43rd Street, NYC

Authors: Jon Robin Baitz, Nicole Burdette, Brett Goldstein, Warren Leight, Kenneth Lonergan, Pippin Parker, Wendy Riss, Andy Yerkes

Directors: Joe Brancato and Fisher Stevens

Producers: Barnaby Harris and Tim Ransom

Associate Producers:  Julianne Hoffenberg and Bradley White

Musical Director: Henry Aronson

Benefit Chairpersons: John Kennedy & Martha McCully


Naked Angels & Suzanne Dottino, Saverio Guerra, Christina Haag, Joanna Heimbold, Madeline Kahn, Catherine Lloyd Burns, Kevin Thigpen, Andy Yerkes

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