The Naked Truth

Ten Takes on Censorship (& Some Music)

October 1990

The Space,

114 West 17th Street, NYC

Authors: , Jon Robin Baitz, Nicole Burdette, Richard Greenberg, Peter Hedges, Kenneth Lonergan, Warren Leight, Theresa Rebeck, Pippin Parker, Frank Pugliese

Directors: Evan Yionoulis, Christie Wagner, Joe Mantello, Matthew Broderick Jace Alexander, Bradley White, Harold Guskin.

Producers: Jenifer Estess & Merrill Holtzman

Set Designer: George Xenos

Lighting Designer: Brian MacDevitt

Original Music: Jonathan Larson

Production Stage Manager: Damond Gallagher

With: The Naked Angels & Reed Rudy, Alex Smith, Emil Schneeman, Kevin Corrigan, Lynn Jordan, David B. McConeghey, Neil Pepe, Christina Haag, Jill Choder, Liana Pai, Rose Gregorio, Suzanne Dottino

Naked Angels
151 Bank Street 

New York, NY 10014

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