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The Naked Truth

Ten Takes on Censorship (& Some Music)

October 1990

The Space,

114 West 17th Street, NYC

Authors: , Jon Robin Baitz, Nicole Burdette, Richard Greenberg, Peter Hedges, Kenneth Lonergan, Warren Leight, Theresa Rebeck, Pippin Parker, Frank Pugliese

Directors: Evan Yionoulis, Christie Wagner, Joe Mantello, Matthew Broderick Jace Alexander, Bradley White, Harold Guskin.

Producers: Jenifer Estess & Merrill Holtzman

Set Designer: George Xenos

Lighting Designer: Brian MacDevitt

Original Music: Jonathan Larson

Production Stage Manager: Damond Gallagher

With: The Naked Angels & Reed Rudy, Alex Smith, Emil Schneeman, Kevin Corrigan, Lynn Jordan, David B. McConeghey, Neil Pepe, Christina Haag, Jill Choder, Liana Pai, Rose Gregorio, Suzanne Dottino

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