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The Opposite of Fear: A Naked Angels Lab

February 19, 25, 26 & March 1, 2003

Greenwich Street Theater, NYC

Artistic Director of Evening: Pippin Parker

Producer: Alicia Arinella

Co-Producer: Jessica Arinella

Associate Producer: Tyler Debbs

Light Design: Alicia Arinella

Set Design: Diana Whitten

Sound Design: Peter Michael Garcia

Stage Manager: Alicia Arinella

The Box by Elizabeth Levy

Directed by Geoffrey Nauffts

with: Randy Ryan, Keith Randolph, Ellen Shanman, Mandy Wolfson

Social Progress by Louise Rozett

Directed by David Mold

with: Jessica Arinella, Phillip Kain, Matthew G. Rashid

Champagne by Pamela Booker

Directed by Mark Finley

with: Neenah Jacques, Jessica Arinella, Michael Lynch, Nankamya

Johnson, Paul Knox

Exhaustion by Adam Bock

Directed by Jon Schumacher

with: Jennifer Nevergole, Anastasia Webb, Josh Carpenter, Marc Webster

ROB by Sam Forman

Directed by Patch Darragh

with: Kieran Campion, Dustin Helmer, Tiffany Jones, Peter Russo, Jerry Weaver

Goodbye New York by Josh Ben Friedman

Directed by Dan Fields

with: Ty Jones,

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