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Democracy: An Issues Project

September 14th – October 2nd, 2005

Artistic Director of the Evening: Pippin Parker

Co-Artistic Director of the Evening: Frank Pugliese

Talent Impressario: Bruce MacVittie

Lead Producer: Alicia Arinella

Consulting Producer: Tamlyn Fruend

Associate Producers: Mary Elizabeth Peters, Marin Gazzaniga, Joffre Myers

Coordinator of Musical Acts: Patricia McGuire

Coordinator of Guest Speakers: Julianne Hoffenberg

Set Design: Diana Whitten

Lighting Design: David Szlasa

Lighting Consultant: Jim French

Sound Design: Peter Michael Garcia

Costume Design: Jessica Jahn

Costume Assistant: Jodi Zanetti

Everything Else: Aaron Forste


September 14th – 17th

How We Get To Where We’re Going By Theresa Rebeck

Directed by Sheryl Kaller

with: Chris Messina, Tim Ransom

An American Dream By Nicole Burdette

Directed by Pippin Parker

With: Frederick Weller, Matthew G. Rashid

The American Past Time (or Team Sports) By Josh Ben Friedman

Directed by Jeffery Glickman

with: Mark Margolis, Peter Fernandez, Mike Hodge, Gideon Glick

Lip Service by Jerome Hairston

Directed by Karen Kohlhaas

with: Alex Draper, Ray Anthony Thomas

The Dying City by Chris Shinn

Directed by Will Frears

with: Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Emily Bergl, Jordan Bridges

Guest Speakers Kurt Vonnegut, Lewis Lapham, Alan Brinkley


September 18th-22nd

Nosotros by Hugh Murtagh

Directed by Daniel Goldstein

with: Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros

Patriot Schmatriot by Louise Rozett

Directed by Geoffrey Nauffts

with: Jodie Markell, Rocco Sisto

To Be Human by Stephen Belber

Directed by Lucie Tiberghien

with: Stephen Belber, Dominic Fumusa

Coopman & Dink by Graham Gordy

Directed by Frank Pugliese

with: Mike Doyle, Austin Lysy

The Art Of The Practical by Doug Cordell

Directed by Jonathan Bernstein

with: Talia Balsam, Lynn Wright, Ed Hajj

Lip Service by Jerome Hairston

Directed by Karen Kohlhaas

with: Alex Draper, Ray Anthony Thomas

Guest Speakers: David S. Bennahum, Reno

Musical Guests Metropolitan Klezmer & Isle Of Klezbos


September 23rd – 28th

Reagan In Hell by Lee Blessing

Directed by Daniel Goldstein

with: Robert Sella, Frank Raiter

The Fitting by Frank Pugliese

Directed by Sheryl Kaller

with: John Braden, Chris Messina

The Least We Can Do by Andrew Yerkes

Directed by Tamlyn Freund

with: Timothy Britten Parker, Nathan Dean, Kellie Overbey, Jessica Stone

Medieval Scene Written & Directed by Kenneth Lonnergan

with: Josh Hamilton, Casey Affleck, Nathan Dean, Chris Messina

Samsara by Juana Kennedy

Directed by Seret Scott

with: Denise Burse, Anna Antonia Li, Brian Ibsen, Keith Reddin, Salvatore Froio, Brian Gianci

The Arizona Rule by Pippin Parker

Directed by Jonathan Bernstein

with: Michael Esper, Kat Foster

Guest Speakers: Evangeline Morphos, Kathleen Chalfant, David S. Bennahum

Musical Guests: Phillip Johnston, The Hazzards, Gary Lucas, Mike Doughty


September 29th – October 2nd

Kandor by Tom Fontana

Directed by Frank Pugliese

with: Bruce MacVittie, David Eigenberg

Fear: Network News by Warren Leight

Directed by Neal Freeman

with: Maddie Corman, Mike Doyle, Michael Brian Dunn, Maria Couch, Piter M. Fatoucche, Heather Collis

Instant Girl Written & Performed by Joanna Heimbold, Janet Bogardus, Susan Trout

The Conductor by Eduardo Machado

Directed by Karen Kohlhaas

with: Daphne Rubin-Vega

White Jesus by Deirdre O’Connor

Directed by Annie Dorsen

with: Kathleen McNenny, Kevin Thoms, Christopher Evan Welch, Lily Rabe

PS I’m Glad You Sent Your Hair by Seth Zvi Rosenfeld & Kerri-Ann McCalla

Directed by Seth Zvi Rosenfeld

with: Victor Rasuk, Kerry Washington

Guest Speakers: Eric Bogosian, Arthur Schlessinger, Jr., John Pedestal

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