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“That reading last night cracked the problem of that second scene for me. When I woke up this morning it was so clear. I revised it this afternoon sitting in the Odeon, and everything clicked into place. That's exactly what Tuesdays is for.  So valuable."  

Clark Morgan, Writer | Tuesdays @ 9 NYC

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciated Naked Angels today! Probably one of the best memories of my writing ever! …I loved the actors, I loved the set up, I loved hearing everyone else's piece.”  

3T Writer, 3T After School

"It was the perfectly positive experience we always hope for. The girls were engaged, supportive of one another and totally immersed in the project at hand. This speaks volumes to your prompts and to the amazing actors, the catalysts for initiating the creative process. The obvious respect for the students’ written work and the collaborative approach to put each storyline into action created a safe environment in which to share their stories and hear them spoken aloud."   Linn Tansman, Executive Director, and Susan Kasarsky, Program Director,  Culture for One

"Today, the girls were still talking with their teachers about the workshop. They were full of pride describing how the actor played their script and who's was smarter, funnier or more realistic. It is very fulfilling for all of us working with them to see them enjoying an academic experience."  Iris Gruber, Guidance Counselor, Restart Academy

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